Wildflower Home Foundation

Here is a fine opportunity to make a real difference in the world. https://youtu.be/wsdvsoz_ucE We need your help with a compelling opportunity in Chiang Mai, Thailand to develop a very special home providing pre- and post-natal care – and job skills training – to marginalized, at-risk women. This is an appeal for your help in […]

Sisters of Providence – Chiang Saen

Way up north in Thailand, very close to the infamous “Golden Triangle”, the center of the once thriving, ancient opium trade, is the town of Chiang Saen. That is where the Sisters of Providence, led by the highly committed and energetic Sr. Janda and four other Sisters provide this wonderful care facility for more than […]

Rotary Club of Magkang – Udon Thani

The Rotary Club of Magkang is in Udon Thani, Thailand – located in the eastern portion of Thailand. Many of the people in the small villages throughout this very large agricultural province live in relative poverty. As is typical in these circumstances, education suffers. In addition to their many civic-minded projects, this fine Rotary club […]

Rotary Club of Maechan

Maechan Rotary has been a good partner for quite a number of projects in Northern Thailand. Located about 35 Km. north of Chiang Rai, Maechan is centered in the hill tribe region of Thailand, quite close to the infamous Golden Triangle where Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand come together along the Mekong River. The ethnic minority […]

Mee Eashin Development Foundation – Bangkok (MDF)

This is a small foundation located in the Rangsit Market area in northern Bangkok founded by a well-named 32 year old woman, Treasure Shine. Treasure, originally from Myanmar (Burma) is just completing her studies for a masters degree in community health programs. Quite passionate about helping her people that have migrated into Bangkok seeking physical […]

Good Shepherd Sisters – Phuket (GSS-PKT)

Good Shepherd Sisters - Phuket logo

Here, under the leadership of Sr. Lakana, more than 340 children of migrant Burmese workers are cared for and educated while their parents are working in the local fish processing industry. Without this loving care, these children would not have access to health care, nor to an education in their own Burmese language while adjusting […]

Good Shepherd Sisters – Nongkhai (GSS-NK)

Good Shepherd Sisters – Nongkhai sign

Here, under the leadership of Sr. Pranee, the Good Shepherd Sisters serve the marginalized people from nearly 200 villages in this eastern, rural, relatively poor agricultural region of Thailand. Currently, they operate a Scholarship Program that keeps more than 500 at-risk kids in school, a sewing center, and a large “farm”operating as a social enterprise […]

Good Shepherd Sisters – Chiang Rai

Good Shepherd Sisters – Chiang Rai entrance

The Good Shepherd Sisters operate a live-in home and school for at-risk Hill Tribe girls to attend junior and senior high school. Currently housing nearly 60 girls they provide a safe environment where these girls can gain an education which will enable them to break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.In addition […]

Good Shepherd Sisters – Bangkok (GSS-BKK)

Good Shepherds Sisters - Bangkok sign

Founded in 1965 by Sr. Louise (still going strong in 2020), several of her Sisters manage this fine organization serving some of Bangkok’s low-income citizens most in need of assistance. They do this with a pre-school for more than 100 kids from the nearby slums, a mother and baby home typically caring for a dozen […]

Friends of Thai Daughters (FTD)

FTD is a wonderful organization with two locations in the far north of Thailand: Chiang Rai and Chiang Khong. There, providing a family-like home environment to nearly 30 vulnerable, at-risk hill tribe girls, FTD makes sure these girls are safe from trafficking and have the opportunity to get a first-rate education and grow to become […]

Fountain of Life Women’s Center – Pattaya

Fountain of Life Women’s Center

In this wonderful, caring facility, approximately 500 marginalized, at-risk women are provided with counseling and job training to enable them to break free from the poverty, domestic violence, drug addiction, human trafficking, and other related circumstances that caused them to seek assistance. Facebook page

Fountain of Life Children’s Center – Pattaya

Located just a few short kilometers from their Women’s Center, the Good Shepherd Sisters operate their Children’s Center. There, an average of 175 underprivledged children ages three, four, five, and six receive the education essential for their entry and successful study at Thai government schools. Facebook page