Ban Wiang Sa

This is a small secondary school located in a remote village in Northern Thailand. Recently, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Maechan, Thailand we were able to complete a water purification project for them. A dedication was held there in February, 2021 as described in this field report.

Baan Saan Rak (BSR)

Baan Baan Rai (meaning “Home With Love”) is a small care-facility for abandoned children located about 30 minutes outside Chiang Rai. Housing just 25 girls and boys, it is run by a very dedicated and energetic woman called Jit, who operates this facility on the back portion of her family property. With no aspirations for […]

Abu Ali Foundation (AAF)

Located in Chiang Rai, Thailand, founded and led by Ariya Rattanawichaikul and his wife, Abu Ali provides a safe living place for 14 high school students (10 girls and 4 boys) from remote villages “up on the mountain.” Without this opportunity to relocate to the city for a proper high school education, these marginalized Akha […]