Our Approach

We work with carefully vetted, grassroots NGOs (Non Government Organizations) that have a proven track record of excellence in educating and providing for the wellbeing of girls and women. We then support these organizations with funding coupled with training and coaching for sustainability. A summary of our approach is shown here.

Sustainability is our focus. We seek to improve the long-term sustainability of each of the organizations we select for support. This involves all three “Pillars of Sustainability”: Financial, Leadership, and Talent. We coach for sustainability in each of those three critically important pillars. Here is a video describing in more detail how we do this.

Social Enterprises, properly selected and skillfully managed can be a critically important element of financial sustainability. We have funded numerous social enterprises when supported with a feasible Business Plan.

Scholarships can be an important source of talent for the organizations we support. Our scholarship award process including the program description, the application form, and the contract we require is described here