Volunteer Opportunities

Several of our partner organizations in Cambodia and Thailand have opportunities for volunteer service that may be of interest to you. As you think about how you might want to work with one of them we encourage you to read this article about voluntourism. It can provide you with a perspective about some important aspects of volunteering we hope you will take into account.

Now, having raised those concerns, if you are interested in truly volunteering with one of the organizations you see featured on our website, or one of the organizations where current volunteer openings do exist – listed below, please feel free to contact us and let us know of your interest. We’ll work directly with you to find a suitable arrangement where the fit is right.

Grace House welcomes volunteers willing to commit one month or more of their time. Join them to help their kids with English pronunciation, create some special games or exercises, work with special needs kids, or lend a helping hand with administration and management. Click here for additional information.

REACH, located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, offers volunteers an opportunity to help impoverished Cambodian children and their families break the cycle of poverty, and to empower and assist our local Cambodian team to drive sustainable development within their own community. Click here for more information.