Rotary Club of Magkang – Udon Thani

The Rotary Club of Magkang is in Udon Thani, Thailand – located in the eastern portion of Thailand. Many of the people in the small villages throughout this very large agricultural province live in relative poverty. As is typical in these circumstances, education suffers.

In addition to their many civic-minded projects, this fine Rotary club initiated a program to provide scholarships for some of the very poorest kids in these villages. The way they do this is to identify the poorest kid in a village school. They pair that kid with a teacher from the local school and open a bank account in the kid’s name. Magkang Rotary then funds that account with 4,000 Baht annually. Together, the teacher and the kid make decisions about how to best use that money with the goal of keeping that kid attending school. For several years the program was a success for 15 students.

Then, in 2018, the club decided to increase the number of scholarships to 89 – one to honor each year that their beloved and recently deceased king had lived. Our foundation is proud to have contributed support for 25 of these kids and to participate in this very direct, hands on, successful program.

Would you like to support one of these kids? $200 will do the trick. Just click click here and let us know how you would like your donation directed. We’ll get it there.