Rotary Club of Maechan

Maechan Rotary has been a good partner for quite a number of projects in Northern Thailand. Located about 35 Km. north of Chiang Rai, Maechan is centered in the hill tribe region of Thailand, quite close to the infamous Golden Triangle where Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand come together along the Mekong River.

The ethnic minority people living in these remote villages suffer many disadvantages including minimal education available, lack of village infrastructure, inability to obtain Thai citizenship, and abysmal economic opportunities. Led by their current President, Carol Acosta, this fine Rotary club addresses those issues in an admirable fashion.
Our SE Asia Foundation (SEAF), sometimes joined by Bill’s local Edmonds Daybreakers Rotary club, has worked with Maechan Rotary on several meaningful projects. To list a few:

Daybreakers Rotary and the SEAF funded bunk beds for the Abu Ali boarding school for Akha students in Chiang Rai.

We funded the refurbishment of previously inoperable toilets for the students at the Bah Pan Dua village school.

Along with Maechan Rotary, we rebuilt a large outdoor pavilion at a children’s home called Baan Saan Rak after it was destroyed in the huge 2014 earthquake.

We funded the construction of a large outdoor shelter so 200 primary school kids are now able to be outside during the rainy season. Also, quite beneficial during the hot months as well.
With the wonderful support of six Rotary clubs we were able to fund a 40-seat, state-of-the-art industrial design classroom at the Maechan Suksasongkraw Boarding School for hill tribe kids. This opens up many new pathways for nearly 900 deserving young people.

We’re very much looking forward to continuing our relationship with Carol and all our friends in Maechan Rotary. Most certainly there are more projects ahead. Rotarians (and all others for matter) are welcome to support this work. Just click here, let us know your interests, and make a tax deductible donation.