Good Shepherd Sisters – Chiang Rai
The Good Shepherd Sisters operate a live-in home and school for at-risk Hill Tribe girls to attend junior and senior high school. Currently housing nearly 60 girls they provide a safe environment where these girls can gain an education which will enable them to break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.
In addition to providing management and sustainability coaching, we support their efforts by funding a portion of their faculty.
In conjunction with a Portland, OR company, Lantern Moon, we are assisting them to expand their manufacturing activity and export products to the United States.

Here are Sisters Virginia (l) and Lena along with two visiting Sisters from Kenya on their way to assignments in the Phillipines.

With a full-time faculty of six teachers — along with the three Sisters — the resident girls receive an excellent education in proper classrooms.
In addition to teaching, the Sisters are working towards sustainability with an extensive sewing program operated by the local women of the village.
They produce a wide variety of beautiful hand crafted items. Here’s a sampling getting ready for a trip to the market.
As an important step towards sustainability, the Good Shepherd Sisters are now in the beginning process of establishing themselves as a custom supplier to Portland, OR based Lantern Moon.

Currently, the Good Shepherd Sisters in Chiang Rai are struggling to make ends meet. Further assistance is essential if they are to continue to help these deserving Hill Tribe girls get an education and avoid the hazards of the region, including poverty (at best) and trafficking (at worst).

If you would like to help these girls you can do so by clicking here.
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