Friends of Thai Daughters (FTD)

FTD is a wonderful organization with two locations in the far north of Thailand: Chiang Rai and Chiang Khong. There, providing a family-like home environment to nearly 30 vulnerable, at-risk hill tribe girls, FTD makes sure these girls are safe from trafficking and have the opportunity to get a first-rate education and grow to become self-sufficient individuals.

Education is a priority. We love the clear thinking demonstrated by two of the posters we saw during a recent visit.

Near the end of 2019 we provided four-year university scholarships to five of the FTD girls just finishing high school. These wonderful young people will not only change their worlds, but they will help many of the younger girls living at FTD to change theirs as well. While in university all five of these girls will return to FTD and provide 2,000 hours of volunteer service to the younger girls living there. Just think of all the coaching, counseling, and teaching that will entail. 10,000 hours. We think that is amazing.

FTD just recently was able to acquire eight rai of land (nearly four acres) near the town of Maechan (about 15 miles further north). Their long-range plan is to develop a new facility for housing the girls and to operate a large organic farm as part of their efforts towards sustainability.

Should you wish to support them in that endeavor you may click here and designate your donation for Friends of Thai Daughters or FTD. We’ll be sure to get it to them.