Women’s Resource Center (WRC)

The Women’s Resource Center located in Siem Reap is providing essential drop-in services to the women living in the nearby villages. There at WRC these women can safely receive professional counseling about women’s heath, gender rights, parenting skills, financial empowerment, and other matters essential their wellbeing.

Led by Pisey Khim and Vanthat Kong, they are currently serving more than 100 women each year. Working with WRC since 2016 we’ve grown to highly respect the work they do and to appreciate the important difference they aremaking in the lives of so many local women.
Vanthat Kong
Pisey Khim

Along those lines, and with our emphasis on sustainability, we’ve twice met with Vanthat and Pisey (and a workshop with the entire WRC team) to explore the possibility of opening a fee-for-service day-care center that could provide ongoing revenue to help with their day to day operating expenses. Sounds like a good possibility. Looking forward to seeing their business plan.

Meanwhile, should you be interested in helping WRC with their important services to local women you may do so by clicking here.
Just note that your tax-deductible donation is for Women’s Resource Center or WRC and we’ll make sure it gets to them.