The Kampong Tralach Green School (KTGS)

Founded in 2016 by a dedicated and persistent young woman called Vicheany Yiv, KTGS provides free-of-charge education in English, Khmer, and computer literacy to 335 local children (215 girls) from all socioeconomic backgrounds in the Kampong Tralach area. Inspiring these kids to work and learn creatively with others for the betterment of the community and for their own futures, KTGS provides an education enabling them to break the cycle of poverty in which they were born. KTGS also works to promote environmental education, preservation and development among students and people of the community.

With a waiting list of students wishing to attend, KTGS sure could use some additional support. Our SE Asia Foundation is proud to partner with folks demonstrating such a high-quality commitment to community development and education.

You can read more about the Green School Here.

Kampong Tralach Green School
Kampong Tralach Green School students