The Power of a Thank You
April 24, 2024

Today I’m delighted to share with you another edition of our Voices From the Field. This one is from our NGO partner in Cambodia – The Global Child (TGC). In their modest facility in Siem Reap, TGC provides a strong education along with life-skills training for 36 fortunate young people. Having
partnered with TGC for the past six years, I know their leadership team of Dara Heng and Chhaylon Kheang very well. I’ve come to truly respect their values, guiding principles, and the marvelous results they achieve.

During my most recent trip to Cambodia I once again visited TGC. To my great delight they had a special thank you prepared for Sophal (our Country Director) and me – and for YOU – our generous donors. Take a look. Feedback like this is truly special. I hope you feel the same sense of satisfaction that Sophal and I do when we receive such messages.

Here’s the front side of their beautifully hand-drawn letter

There’s even more signatures on the back side of the letter

I hope you’re getting the message here.
What you see above is a BIG thank you to YOU . . .
the generous donors that make our work possible.
Listen carefully and you can hear the chorus of
51 wonderful voices all saying

Thank You

We’re really proud to partner with Dara, Chhaylon, and the TGC Team, working together to improve education and life opportunities for marginalized kids from the nearby villages.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the work that our other Cambodian NGO partners are doing in service to those most in need, you can click here.

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