Circle of Hope
December 23, 2020

How to pay less in taxes and help our kids at the same time

Donations to the SE Asia Foundation before midnight on December 31 can lower your taxable income.

So, of all the possible causes you could choose,
why choose us?

  • We are small enough that every donation you make to us really matters. It won’t get used up for internal operating expenses as often happens with larger organizations. We have again earned GuideStar’s Platinum status and the GreatNonprofits seal, two of America’s top charity ratings.
  • We are there, where the action is. The SE Asia Foundation has “boots on the ground”, meaning that we are there overseas year round, all the time. Our in-country teams keep things rolling smoothly, even during times like this when I am prevented from traveling. Thanks to today’s amazing digital technology I meet on-line with my area directors regularly and continue to monitor and direct activities as though I were there in person.
  • I personally oversee where every dollar goes. With our long-term, on-the-ground presence we know local organizations that can get the job done, and do it well. Cost effective. No wasted money. No corruption.
  • Every dollar donated to the SE Asia foundation goes directly to helping educate young women and girls in the countries that we serve because all our operating and travel expenses are funded from private sources. I know you care about the integrity of where your dollars go, so these are important considerations to keep in mind. Down below you’ll find a button that will allow you to quickly and easily make your year-end donation and to avail yourself of the 2020 tax benefits that come with it.

Be one of the first to earn a new special status

This is something I am excited to tell you about. It is our brand-new Circle of Hope society.

The Circle of Hope is exclusively for people who choose to make an automatic monthly donation to the Southeast Asia Foundation. It’s amazingly painless.


First of all, for you. Making infrequent contributions is not only inefficient, but can be an unnecessary nuisance. By becoming a part of the Circle of Hope you only do it ­once and you’re done. No more writing checks or revisiting online. You do it one time and from then on it happens automatically every month until you choose to stop. You will still receive a year-end tax summary just as you do with individual donations. This makes it simple for you and predictable for us.
Our work continues year round. So, for us at the SE Asia Foundation it allows us to count on a predictable level of income, helping us better serve our kids with more accurate planning and greater sustainability.

BONUS! Two special gifts

When you become a monthly donor, you’ll get two important gifts from us. First you will receive a beautiful Circle of Hope certificate personalized with your name and embossed with our official seal.

Secondly, we will send you one of a special collection of gorgeous silk scarves made in the Southeast Asian countries we serve. You are certain to be pleased and wear it proudly.

Becoming a monthly donor is as easy as navigating your computer mouse. All you need to do is CLICK HERE then click on the donate button you’ll see, designate an amount, and select the checkbox that says, “Make this a monthly donation.” It’s just as easy as that. You can relax. We’ll take it from there.