December 9, 2020
Impact really matters. We pay attention to impact. We focus on impact. We work to achieve as much impact as possible.
In this newsletter today, I’ll share a few stories about the impact we are making and the changes we are bringing about in the lives of the many villagers we serve.

Bill Taylor, Founder

“It has made a huge impact in my life…”

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Phalla is from Cambodia. She is just one of hundreds of children of all ages whose futures we have been able to impact thanks to people like you.

We change young lives not only through education, but today countless kids no longer go to bed hungry; Covid-19 is being noticeably mitigated in their schools and villages; and quality education is now accessible for hundreds more primary-age children.
Things like this happen because of simple, easy donations from caring people like you.

Little kids are starting on the road to a lifetime of learning

A simple contribution of $25 per month is able to provide school uniforms, supplies and transportation for three children for an entire year. This can be the start of a whole new future for these adorable, deserving youngsters.

Happy, well-fed kids mean successful students and brighter tomorrows

In Southeast Asia, just as it is here, many families have lost their traditional means of support. Donors to the SE Asia Foundation can provide families with chickens, small livestock, seeds, and the simple tools to become self-sustaining, year after year. For example, an ongoing donation of $50 per month will enable not one, but ten village families to meet their ongoing food security needs. No child needs to go to bed hungry again.

These kids can grow to become teachers and nurses, leaving the hardship and low pay of the rice paddy behind.

Education is the key that unlocks the future. Nowhere is this truer than in the remote villages of Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. And your education dollar goes miles farther there. Can you believe that a simple contribution of $100 a month will fund an entire year-long university scholarship for a promising young woman. Look at that gratitude!

With the right facilities, these children will keep the pandemic at bay

Something as simple as a school hand-washing station for willing and eager children can go a long way toward stopping the spread of disease, especially Covid-19. A donor contributing $200 per month could fund the construction of a new WASH facility every year. How many young lives might be saved?

That’s enough for now. These are just four examples of the good our donors are doing in this remote section of our world. If you haven’t already done so, we would be grateful to have you join us. Just click on this button and follow the prompts.

BTW, if you weren’t already aware, 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the people we help in SE Asia. ALL our transportation and administrative expenses are funded from separate private sources. You can feel assured that your charitable dollars are going where you want them to go. Furthermore, the SE Asia Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) public charity under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, so your contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Until next time . . .