Computers Open Up Education
May 31, 2024

I’m delighted to share with you another edition of our Voices From the Field. This one is from another of our wonderful NGO partners in Cambodia – the Kamboo Project Organization (KPO). Led by the amazing Somalita Keo (Lita), this energetic team of young, active Cambodians works diligently to improve the quality of primary schools in several outlying villages, and to enhance the educational opportunities available to hundreds of marginalized kids.

Working closely with Lita and her team over the past six years I’ve had a close look at how effective their work can be. Multiple visits to those village schools has given me a first-hand feel for the way the KPO team works, the trusting relationships they have built with the administrators and the teachers, and the amazing results they have achieved. Here are the highlights of a recent report I received from the KPO team.

A New Computer Room

Absolutely remarkable! Thanks to our funding from the SE Asia Foundation KPO was able to provide 10 brand-new laptops including tables and chairs for the Boeng Chum Primary School Now, another 200 students will have access to real computers for their education moving forward. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the amazing donors who made this possible.

Here’s a video of the exciting day when our team installed those computers and the students began using them.

Library Project

With our Library Project we are truly committed to supporting our rural school libraries. We believe that reading provides many benefits, especially expanding the minds of our children. So, we provide lots of new books and materials to improve the libraries. We also invest our own time visiting the schools encouraging the children to read at school. Here are some pictures of us at work.

Thanks to our donors for trusting us and making this project possible and continuously expanding. We’re committed to continuing this work as much as we possibly can. Not only do we provide books, but we also create a warm and inviting reading space to inspire students. Plus, it’s a lifeline for the most vulnerable students who can borrow books their parents can’t buy. A heartfelt thanks to our generous donors for making this impactful project a reality!

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