Looking Back to Strengthen Our Way Forward
October 9, 2022
Picture of Bill Taylor
Why, you ask, would a forward-looking guy like me talk about looking back? That easy. The past happened only because of YOUR generosity. More importantly, your continuing support gives us confidence that we can move forward in the year ahead and accomplish even more.
I’ll begin this with a quick overview of what YOU accomplished during the fiscal year we just completed at the end of June. Then, I’ll turn to what we anticipate doing in the year ahead.

A Quick Look Back

First, the (boring) numbers:
• We made 55 grants to 22 grass-roots Cambodian partner NGOs (non-government organizations)
• We made 27 more grants to 10 grass-roots Thai partner NGOs
• Doing this we impacted ~25,000 direct beneficiaries. That’s 25,000 lives that YOU made a bit better

Now . . . more importantly . . .
what did that look like?

It looked like 150 girls with new bicycles
so they could safely travel to middle school.

It looked like 415 girls wearing school uniforms
and carrying backpacks full of supplies on
their way to primary school.

It looked like 741 families now able to grow their own food (vegetables, chickens, and pigs) – and even have extra to sell in the market place.

It looked like 550 girls now equipped with Days for Girls feminine hygiene kits and able to attend school with dignity.

It looked like more than 3,000 kids reading books delivered through mobile libraries right to their schools — schools without any library facilities.

It also looked like . . .

32 university scholarships

23 schools with new libraries

One school with a new first aid room

741 life-sustaining food packages delivered to hungry families

18 women learning to sew and become self-sufficient

And . . . and . . . and . . .

I hope YOU are getting the picture here.
YOU accomplished a LOT last year

Now, let’s turn to that important look ahead

To cut to the chase — I’d love to see us come together and increase our collective impact by at least 50%. Perhaps even double. Whaddaya think? Sound good? It sure does to me.

I’m leaving for the region soon. I’ll spend six weeks there, hands-on, working closely with the leaders of our outstanding NGO partners.
  • We’ll identify the people most in need of assistance
  • We’ll figure out the best ways to deliver that assistance
  • And then . . . we’ll work together to make it happen

There you have it. No beating around the bush. This is my direct appeal to you to make your donation so I can say with integrity to these wonderful partners that we are there to support them. Support them not only with the training and coaching we continuously provide, but also with the financial resources they so desperately need to accomplish their missions.

Here’s a direct link to some of the packages we highlighted above.

At the SE Asia Foundation we do not simply “help” people.
We Help People Help Themselves.
That is our focus.
That is our commitment.
That is where our actions show up.

Please help us keep doing that with a tax-deductible donation.
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