Let’s get some kids on their way to school
August 29, 2022
Picture of Bill Taylor
Labor Day is coming right up. Yep, once again it’s that special time of year in America. Time for our kids to head back to school. I still carry fond memories of those “back-to-school” shopping trips with Mom and then beginning the adventure of a fresh new year at school.

Now imagine this. Imagine no shopping trip. Imagine that you can not afford to send your kid to “free” school. Oxymoronic? Not in Cambodia it isn’t. Yes, government school may be free there – for a half day anyway. But, what about the mandatory school uniforms, the books, the notebooks, the supplies, and a backpack to carry it all? Those things cost money. And then there is the cost of transportation if the school is more than a reasonable (and safe) walk away – which is often the case if you live in a remote village.

All this adds up to serious money. Frighteningly serious money when you’re struggling to feed your family on a mere few dollars a day – if you’re fortunate enough to actually have a job.

That’s where you and I come in. Working together we can change that picture. Actually, there are several things that will change that picture.

To begin, you can give a Cambodian girl what she needs so she can attend primary school for a full year. This special package includes two school uniforms, a pair of shoes, assorted supplies and books, along with her very own backpack. (And, as a special bonus feature, the school uniforms and the backpacks are sourced from local, grass-roots organizations thereby providing jobs and income for local women.)
You can do all this for a mere $50.


For just $60 you can give a girl a bicycle. With this she can safely travel up to as much as 7 or 8 kilometers from her village to attend the nearest secondary school. This package includes a fully refurbished bicycle along with training and bike maintenance supplies. Quite the bargain, we think.

How do you do this? Simple. Just click here and you’ll see these packages. Select how many you want to give and then click the “Fund it” button to go directly to PayPal for credit card processing.

Or, you can simply send a check and a note directly to us at:
SE Asia Foundation
9715 Cherry St.
Edmonds, WA 98020-2337

Oh yes . . . one more thing. While you’re on that page, take a look at the other special packages we list. Perhaps there’ll be something else there that catches your eye. That’s where we have lots of cool opportunities for you to make life a whole lot better for these kids and their families.

That’s it for this message. Let’s partner up and get these kids on their way to school.

At the SE Asia Foundation we do not simply “help” people.
We Help People Help Themselves.
That’s our focus.
That’s our commitment.
That’s where our actions show up.

Please join us in doing that with a tax-deductible gift. And remember, every single penny you donate goes directly
to help the kids.