Let’s Keep The Momentum Going
April 1, 2023

I Need Your Help to Keep the Momentum Going

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When I was speaking with a friend recently our conversation wandered through a variety of topics. However, his queries invariably returned to our activities with the SE Asia Foundation. Afterwards, with a blinding flash of the obvious, it occurred to me that progress should be the theme of this spring newsletter, thus keeping you up to date and sharing the highlights of what we’ve been doing lately.

But first, a few words about gratitude.

In spite of all that is happening in our troubled world these days
there are so many things to be grateful for.
For me that certainly includes:

  • Gratitude for health and the opportunity to continue this important work
  • Gratitude to all of you for your wonderful support
        Without you none of this work could happen.
  • Gratitude that Covid-19, while not completely gone, is at least fading into the background.
        Life is evolving to a “new normal” for us to experience.

Having recently returned from six weeks in Cambodia and Thailand, I am optimistic. What I saw in January and February was most encouraging – especially in Cambodia. I’m already looking forward to my next trip beginning May 1st.

Most of our Cambodian Partner NGOs are centered in and around Siem Reap – the poorest province in Cambodia – and also a town heavily reliant on tourism – a town that was absolutely devastated by the unprecedented unemployment caused by Covid-19. While not yet “recovered” in any real sense of the word, it was wonderful to see progress. Visitors are arriving. Businesses are reopening. People are returning to work. Schools are open. Normal schedules are showing up. Life is looking a lot brighter. Not yet fully bright, but certainly heading in the right direction.

There is still a lot of lost ground to be made up, however. That’s where you come in – and where we enter the picture. This is a perfect time for us to step up and actively work together to support this momentum towards recovery.

What would that look like?

It would look like kids, hungry to learn,
having enough books to read

It would look like those same kids having
enough computers to support their learning.
Not being crammed into one room and crowded like this

It would look like girls having the same opportunities as the boys.
In other words, gender equity

It would look like kids having enough bicycles so they could
safely travel from their villages to middle school

Please join us.
Working together we can make this happen.
Here’s a link to more special opportunities
for you to pitch in and make an
important difference

At the SE Asia Foundation we do not simply “help” people
We Help People Help Themselves
That is our focus
That is our commitment
That is where our actions show up

Please help us keep doing that with a tax-deductible donation.
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