These Cambodians Really Need Your Help
June 26, 2023
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I’ve just returned from another of my regular trips to Cambodia and Thailand. While there I visited with more than 25 of our NGO partners. As I ventured out to the countryside I got a first-hand look at the fine work they are doing. It’s inspiring to see how they improve the lives of the villagers they serve. Awesome. Proud to call them partners.

Still, I can’t stop thinking about one particular village – Run Ta Ek. Why am I telling you about Run Ta Ek? Because these people really need some help. They desperately need some help right now.

Here’s the story

As you read this . . . this very minute . . . the Cambodian Government is actively uprooting thousands of families from the Apsara Authority –- the geographic area immediately adjacent to Angkor Wat, a World Heritage Site. Many of these people are long-time squatters. Others actually hold some form of title to their land. Doesn’t matter. They are all being evicted from their long-time family homes. The land will be cleared and restored to its native condition.

Just imagine the shock.
Just imagine the disruption to your life when
you are ordered to move — and to move now.

Many of these families are being relocated to Run Ta Ek, a brand-new village being constructed about 35 Km away from Siem Reap. I’ve been to Run Ta Ek personally. Right now, it’s a HUGE, and very active construction site. In five more years, it might become a livable community. But today, it’s a pretty bleak place.

Take a look at this image. Each relocated family is given a plot of land 20 meters wide by 30 meters deep. Not just any land, but flat, barren land. No vegetation at all. None. Just an empty plot of land where the government will drop off the remains of their previous home. Time to rebuild and start over. On the plus side, electricity is available at the site, with water to be had nearby.

Here’s my idea.
Let’s plant three trees
for each of these families.

Fast growing trees. Shade trees. Street trees. Fruit trees.
Let’s create some shade, some food, and some beauty –
and let’s do it NOW.

Yes, I realize this is a bit “off-target” from the education programs we normally support. And yet, I also see this as an opportunity to do something meaningful for these people during this terribly stressful time in their lives.

For a mere six dollars
YOU can plant those three trees.
Better yet, for $60
YOU can plant those trees for 10 families.

Our goal is simple. Trees for 1,000 families.
So, we need to raise $6,000 to help those folks
to a more comfortable transition
during this terribly disruptive time of their lives.

Please join us
Let’s get this done

YOU can be a part of this with a tax-deductible donation to the SE Asia Foundation.
Every single penny will go directly to this project – and it will get to Run Ta Ek quickly.
Just click HERE to become part of the team.

At the SE Asia Foundation we do not simply “help” people
We Help People Help Themselves
That is our focus
That is our commitment
That is where our actions show up

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