Cambodian Community Dream Organization (CCDO)

CCDO is a wonderful organization located in Siem Reap. Their dedication to improving the wellbeing of local village folks is impressive. Led by a very impressive young man, Leangseng Hoy, their work extends to education (which we avidly support) water wells, latrines, health care and economic development.

We are especially pleased to support their breakfast program. As of the latter part of 2019 they are now providing breakfast to about 1,200 kids, six days a week, at two very large village primary and secondary schools. Here’s a photo of Candace, our Board Chair, right in the middle of all that daily activity.

Their English teaching program is equally impressive. CCDO conducts an ongoing – and growing – program to improve the teaching skills of the English teachers in local village schools. It is working. The quality is improving dramatically as they shift from teacher-focused to student-focused methods. We have just funded a two-year program to extend the program to all 19 schools in the Angkor Thom division of Siem Reap Province. We’re particularly excited about this because the Provincial Governor is now paying attention and is interested in incorporating the CCDO program into the government curriculum.

We also support CCDO with their Social Enterprise Piglet Program. The way this works is that more than 50 families have now been given two young, female pigs to raise. At the right time, those pigs are bred. Then, once the resulting piglets grow to market size they are sold. One-half of the proceeds are retained by the family for their own benefit. The other half is returned to CCDO and used to support their breakfast and education programs. A win-win situation all around.

CCDO is doing a great job of helping their community rise up out of poverty – and would welcome your help so they can do even more.

You may support them by clicking here and designating your tax-deductible donation for Cambodian Community Dream Organization or CCDO.
We’ll be sure they receive it promptly.