Cambodian Education and Development Fund – Opportunity Cambodia (CEDF)

CEDF – Op Cam (Cambodian Education and Development Fund — Opportunity Cambodia) is a locally managed NGO* about a one hour drive from Siem Reap in the 16 village commune of Along Samnar. These 16 villages are among the poorest of the poor with many families reported to be living on $1.00 per day.

CEDF-Op Cam addresses these needs:
  • Providing education for 50 village children
  • Building the first ever pre-school in the area
  • Initiating an economic development program providing pigs to villagers
  • Providing living arrangements for high school students to live in Siem Reap so they can attend high school

You can read about a recent visit to CEDF – Op Cam here where we have a more complete description of their programs and current needs. Thanks to our generous donors, the SE Asia Foundation was able to provide $2,000 to expand their pig raising program, and another $3,000 to equip their new pre-school and provide the teacher for the first year. They still need quite a bit of help. $1,000 will keep a girl in school for an entire year. And $1,500 would provide another year of salary for their new pre-school teacher.

Should you wish to help them with some extra support you can do so by clicking here.
Just note Cambodian Education and Development on your tax-deductible donation and we’ll see to it that it gets to the right place.

* Non-Governmental Organization