Build Your Future Today (BFT)

BFT is a wonderful Siem Reap organization founded by a remarkable man named Sedtha Long.

Sedtha was just 15 years old when the Khmer Rouge took over his country. When he survived that terrible ordeal at the age of 19 he vowed right then to help his people recover from that horrible experience. To this day he remains true to that commitment as he runs BFT with the goal of educating as many Cambodians as possible and building their self-sufficiency.
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This video tells the story of how Sedtha Long survived the brutal Pol Pot regime in Cambodia during the 1970s, and went on to create BFT in 2006.

In late 2018 when I was meeting with Sedtha I asked him one of my favorite questions: “What is your biggest challenge right now?” His answer surprised me. What he said was: “As I grow older I am concerned about how I can build the leadership capacity of my team of young leaders so I can reach out and develop more support for our work.”

My immediate reaction was that it sounded like a classic case of transformational leadership. Sedtha was quick to accept my offer of a day-long workshop with his team to develop a strategy for this. Shortly thereafter, 14 of us met in Siem Reap to focus on what it would take to successfully make such a transition. By the end of the day a plan was set in motion.
When I again visited with Sedtha one year later in November 2019 I was pleased to hear that they were on track with the transition, and that no critical issues had arisen. This represents great progress for BFT. We’ll do our best to continue supporting it.

In early 2020 I will spend a day with Sedtha visiting the villages BFT is currently serving in the region near Kulen Mountain. A report will follow. Meanwhile, if you would like to support this superb organization, please click here and let us know you would like your donation directed to BFT.