Partnerships Are The Key To Our Success

Recently I’ve stopped using a few sensitive words when I talk about our work. Which ones? I’ll get to that in just a moment. What I really want to talk about first is partnership.Partnership. That’s the critically important feature of how we work with NGOs in Cambodia and Thailand. Why do I emphasize partnership? For […]

The Need is as Great as Ever

The Need is as Compelling as Ever Now is the perfect time for you to make an important difference in the lives of so many kids Normally I begin these newsletters by sharing a few stories with you. Today, I’ll take a different approach. We recently made a new video to tell about the work […]

These Cambodians Really Need Your Help

I’ve just returned from another of my regular trips to Cambodia and Thailand. While there I visited with more than 25 of our NGO partners. As I ventured out to the countryside I got a first-hand look at the fine work they are doing. It’s inspiring to see how they improve the lives of the […]

Let’s Keep The Momentum Going

I Need Your Help to Keep the Momentum Going When I was speaking with a friend recently our conversation wandered through a variety of topics. However, his queries invariably returned to our activities with the SE Asia Foundation. Afterwards, with a blinding flash of the obvious, it occurred to me that progress should be the […]

Holiday Gift Giving with a Creative Flair

During the holiday season my mind invariably turns to gratitude. Like many of you, I have a multitude of blessings. At this stage of my life, however, I realize that I am most grateful to you – our generous donors – who make it possible for us to continue our work eliminating poverty in Cambodia,Myanmar, […]

Today I want to talk about books . . . the power of books

Think back with me. Think back to the time you were a kid. What role did books play in your life back then? If you were anything like I was in those early years, books were essential. For me, books were HUGE. I’m not talking about just school books . . . those were always […]

Three Stunning Success Stories

Even though I was unable to travel to Myanmar during this most recent visit to Southeast Asia, I did have the opportunity to meet with two of my wonderful Myanmar partners who happened to be in Thailand at the time. So I’ve got some great, first-hand reports for you today. Kwan Lhar Village Preschool Several […]

Looking Back to Strengthen Our Way Forward

Why, you ask, would a forward-looking guy like me talk about looking back? That easy. The past happened only because of YOUR generosity. More importantly, your continuing support gives us confidence that we can move forward in the year ahead and accomplish even more.I’ll begin this with a quick overview of what YOU accomplished during […]

Let’s get some kids on their way to school

Labor Day is coming right up. Yep, once again it’s that special time of year in America. Time for our kids to head back to school. I still carry fond memories of those “back-to-school” shopping trips with Mom and then beginning the adventure of a fresh new year at school. Now imagine this. Imagine no […]

Ten Big Mistakes

The Ten Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Donate To A Charity. As our work with the SE Asia Foundation continues to mature, I’m often asked about how one can know if their charitable donations are doing all the good they expect. Usually, I just answer such inquiries with a top-of-the-head response. But recently a friend wanted […]

Will You Help Us Close The Gap?

Finally, after more than two years I was once again able to travel back to Cambodia and Thailand to work with our trusted, grass-roots partner organizations there. Needless to say, I was beyond delighted to be back on the ground and in the countryside again. What I saw was encouraging. Every single one of our […]

The Story of My Rock

Today I want to tell you a story. It’s a story about a rock. Yep. A rock. Please bear with me. Many years ago, way back in 2005, Pat and I had our first-ever experience visiting an orphanage in Southeast Asia. Needless to say, we were stunned by the massive needs we saw. Shortly after […]