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This Thailand Report covers the third and final leg of my February 2014 SE Asia trip.  In the event you might have missed the earlier reports, you can see the Cambodia segment by clicking here, and you can see the Myanmar segment by clicking here. Leaving Myanmar, I headed straight for Pattaya, Thailand where I had meetings at the Fountain of Life Women’s Center to follow up on the work Peter Scontrino and I had done last November.  It was gratifying to hear how well things are progressing.  And, we’ve now been asked to do two more training sessions for this center and its sister organization,...[ Read More ]
Here's a report on the Myanmar segment of my most recent trip Just getting to Myanmar is a bit more of a hassle than traveling to other countries in SE Asia.  Myanmar requires a Visa – in advance.  That involved downloading the proper forms, sending them along with my passport and a $20 money order to the Myanmar consulate in Washington DC.  Ended up costing about $50 and took just over a week.  Having taken care of this in advance, my entry into Myanmar was uneventful. After I connected with Jana at the airport in Yangon (formerly Rangoon) we headed for the...[ Read More ]
This most recent trip to SE Asia was a particularly long and busy one.  So, I’ll report on it in three separate sections — one for Cambodia, one for Myanmar, and one for Thailand.  Here’s the Cambodian segment. In Siem Reap I connected with my good friend Jana Stanfield and joined in with a group of good-hearted people from Atlanta led by David Ault.   We first visited the Future for Khmer Children (FKC) school where we able to participate in the dedication ceremonies for the new Art Berg Technology Center largely funded by our Together We Can Change The World (TWCCTW) group.  It was an...[ Read More ]
This most recent trip to SE Asia was a very busy and productive one, with the full three weeks spent in various locations in Thailand. I was particularly pleased to be joined for the first week of the trip by a long-time friend and colleague, Peter Scontrino Together, we began working with the Fountain of Life Women’s Center and the Fountain of Life Children’s Center located in Pattaya.  We spent two full days with their staff of 28, followed by another day with the Sisters and a couple of other key leaders. Those three days, coupled with four previous days of working...[ Read More ]
Here's the final episode in what has been a long, busy trip to SE Asia this time. Returning from Cambodia, I was met at the Bangkok airport my my good friend and colleague living in Thailand and Myanmar, Treasure Shine, Thailand Project Manager for Partners Asia, a US non-profit headquartered in Seattle and San Francisco. Off we went, first by taxi, then by mini-van, and finally by motorbike taxi to the P Guest House in Sankhalaburi, located on the western Thai border with Myanmar. Quite a nice place to stay.  Here's a couple of views from my room. The next...[ Read More ]