Give2Asia Ten-Year Gala Celebration
December 21, 2012
On October 2, 2012 Give2Asia celebrated its Ten-Year Anniversary with a Gala Event in the Grand Ballroom at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. That evening, they recognized four of their many, many funds. We were greatly honored that we — with our two funds — were included in that group of four.
I was away in Thailand on that date. Pat attended the afternoon workshop sessions.
Give2Asia 10-Year Gala workshop
Later that evening, in recognition of our work educating girls in Indonesia and Thailand, Pat was presented with our award as one of Give2Asia’s four Outstanding Philanthropists. Needless to say, we were pretty proud.
Give2Asia 10-Year Gala award presentation
Pat Taylor at Give2Asia 10-Year Gala

In accepting the award Pat spoke of the importance that providing some management coaching plays in helping the organizations we support in Indonesia and in Thailand. A management team that embraces clarity of purpose, strategic planning, team building, and clear measures of success will out perform those that do not. So, our firm belief is that while money is important in our work, money accompanied by management coaching is infinitely more effective as it moves the organization towards sustainability.

Pat also emphasied that one does not need to be a “large” organization to accomplish important change in this world. Simply showing up with a willingness to serve those in need proves to be quite effective.

In closing, she told the story of “The Rock.”
"The Rock" with meaningful message

This is the rock that Pat gave me for my birthday three years ago. Once I read the inscription my immediate reaction was “Heck … I’m not doing nearly as much as I am capable of doing.” So, to this day, I blame Pat for all the wonderful work I am able to do in service to these deserving girls. Simply put, this is the most important work of my career.