Here’s YOUR opportunity to help those most in need
August 28, 2021
Picture of Bill Taylor
The COVID pandemic continues. Who would have thought at the beginning of 2020 that it would still be going full force nearly two years later? Sure, with the vaccines we now have in the US things are “better”, but still not “good”. Where we work in Cambodia, however, it is neither better nor good. For villagers losing their jobs due to COVID the situation grows more dire each day.

And the kids are among the hardest hit

During normal times we keep a sharp focus on our mission of educating girls and women. Now, with help from YOU – our generous supporters – we are able to expand our reach and ease the pain these people are experiencing. How this possible?

It’s amazing how “education” in these rural communities is expanding to address local needs in a context much larger than just basic literacy. Education is serving as a powerful platform for directly meeting the most immediate needs of local people.

Turns out that the local, grassroots non-governmental organizations (NGOs) supporting education are uniquely equipped to provide a broad array of assistance to those they serve. We’ve worked with these folks for years. We know them well. We trust them. They provide excellent platforms for service delivery. What does their work actually look like?

The opportunities are myriad – including, of course, making sure the essentials for education – including remote learning – are in place and in sufficient volume to keep basic education continuing.
Beyond that, these organizations are proving to be quite adept at making sure their constituents have enough food to eat, can pursue alternative employment, and are able to deal with their immediate economic challenges. The bottom line here: Meeting the most pressing needs and keeping the kids in school.

Just imagine the possibilities where YOU can help: 

  • Supporting remote learning with lesson plans, workbooks, and better internet access
  • Providing micro-loans so entrepreneurial villagers can start small businesses
  • Giving villagers the necessary tools and training to grow their own food
  • Insuring adequate sanitary and hygienic facilities are readily available
  • Supporting school breakfast programs
  • Funding mobile libraries
At the SE Asia Foundation we do not simply “help” people.
We Help People Help Themselves.
That is our focus.
That is our commitment.
That is where our actions show up.
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