Your Amazing Help with the COVID-19 Crisis in Cambodia
June 9, 2020

With a huge thank you to all of our supporters – you know who you are – last week we were able to send $22,000 in grants to eight of our highly trusted NGO* partners in Cambodia. This way we directly address the crisis brought about by the current pandemic.

Hundreds of village families will directly benefit from your generosity.

Even though infection rates in Cambodia remain low, the impacts due to travel restrictions and sheltering in place have been huge. Think about it for a minute. The vast majority of the people living in the villages surrounding Siem Reap work in the tourist industry (at best) and commonly as intermittent day laborers earning $3 to $5 per day. In addition, many family members who were working in Thailand (or elsewhere) and sending money home to support their families also lost their jobs. Those people have now returned home.
Result: Even more mouths to feed in this time of crisis.

The grants we’ve just made to our eight partner organizations are focused on achieving three main goals:

  • Continue to supply urgently needed hygienic supplies such as masks, soap, and the like,
  • Provide immediate food deliveries to those most in need and,
  • Provide resources (including training and coaching) to help villagers become more sustainable in providing for their own food security needs.

The grants we just made are for 60 days of support. Each of the eight organizations is required to report back no later than September 1 and tell us:

  • What they did with the money,
  • What they learned, and
  • What needs to happen next
We’ll compile all that information and learn from it together with the NGOs. Then, working as a team we’ll know what else is required to help these villagers cope with the pandemic for the remainder of 2020. By then (or sooner) our hope is that we can all get back to our primary mission of providing education and lifting people up out of a life of poverty.

More to follow.

Life is Good — at least for some of us it is.

Others need a bit of help . . . and together . . .

we can provide exactly that.

* Non-Governmental Organization