It’s Always About the Kids — This Time in Cambodia
March 4, 2020

It’s hard to imagine that $2500 could buy 10 computers and give a group of young students in Cambodia their first experience with modern technology, but a recent contribution made that happen.

When our board president, Candace Sellers, enthusiastically told her friend Larry about an upcoming trip to Cambodia to visit some of the projects sponsored by SEAF, he asked how he could help. And when Candace visited Tammy and her kids at ABC’s and Rice she immediately found the answer. Tammy is a Canadian ex-pat who a few years ago was so moved by the people and culture of the country that she spontaneously left her tour of SE Asia (and her high paying job) to establish an NGO* in Siem Reap. In the past decade she has built a school, a food bank, adopted four local children, and begun providing clean water for her community. And her newest dream was a computer lab for her students.

Which is where Larry’s donation comes in. As industrious as ever, Tammy was able to use his gift to negotiate the purchase of ten beautiful pieces of hardware; and when I personally delivered the funds in January her vision was up and running.

How cool is this new computer facility?

The ten new computers (plus one computer on temporary loan)

That experience got me thinking. Notwithstanding the continuing generosity of our many supporting donors, we still are not able to respond to all the compelling needs we encounter. So, during my most recent six weeks in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand I asked the leaders of some of the projects we are supporting to give me a brief summary of their most pressing needs.

Those needs are now posted on our website. There is a new category listed on the header bar of our home page. It’s called “Funding Opportunities”. Clicking there will take you to a page listing a menu of possibilities — all ready for your help.

Please go to the new page and take a look. Scroll down through the listings. Explore. Perhaps you’ll find a need that touches your heart as Larry was touched by Tammy’s need for a computer room. Each of the needs listed there are for credible, trustworthy organizations working diligently to provide for the education and wellbeing of girls and women that simply need some help to rise up out of a life of poverty. We know this because we visit each of these organizations regularly. We know their leaders. We know many of their staff members. We trust these people.

One More Thing

I’d like to make a further call to action. Please share this message with others you know who might also be inclined to step up to meet some of these needs. There must be more “Larrys” out there looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Your help in this regard will be greatly appreciated by me – and even more so by the thousands of people that will benefit from these projects once they are funded.

Education breaks the cycle of poverty. Please join us in helping Tammy (and the many other schools like this we sponsor) to keep lifting these kids up and out from a life of poverty.

Every single penny you donate to our Foundation goes directly to the field. Nothing is used for administration, overhead, and fund-raising. We cover those costs personally.

* Non-Governmental Organization