Sponsor a Year for a Child’s Education at Good Shepherd Sisters, in Nongkhai Thailand
September 2, 2016

We are seeking for several sponsors for 25 school girls available at the Good Shepherd Sisters in Nongkhai.

Here’s some information about the program, in the words of the Sponsorship Programme itself.

Programme Participants We wish to share with you the following statistics which show the numbers assisted by our programme over the past three years. Sponsorship funds are provided from organizations and individuals in 14 countries.

We are proud to announce that 25 of our sponsorship students graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree this year. We would like to thank all of our supporters, benefactors and friends who gave them this opportunity. This advancement gives them the ability to receive good jobs and support their families

Activities Programme

Besides sponsoring the students monetarily, the Sponsorship’s Programme seeks to provide students with life skills and holistic development. We accomplish this goal during our home visits and the follow up meetings we have with all our students as well as the training we provide on morality and ethics.

Planning for the future

In order to train our students to think about and plan for their future, we held a training seminar entitled, “Make Our Dreams Come True” on the 9th of April, 2014 for the students in primary education (shown left). Beyond future planning, we also used this time to train them in Thai courtesy and manners. We focused on them being good students and representatives of the Good Shepherd Sisters by living out their lives with love, care and gratitude to their families and benefactors. We also highlighed ‘violence against women and children’ and distributed orange ribbons as a symbol of anti-violence.

Relationships built on respect

For the youth in secondary education and higher, we held a training seminar lead by the staff of Baan Perpetual Help Foundation and a nurse from Thai Traditional Medicine, at Tabor Hospital, Nongkhai province entitled “Building Respect inYouth Relationships”. The students were split into two groups and completed the training on different days. There were 120 students per group. The objective of the training was to have students realize their self-worth and learn about sexual health in regard to relationships. We talked about how to have healthy, loving relationships and educated them on appropriate dating practices.

25 young women need sponors today in order to receive one year of school. Click on one of the photos below to read about all the children awaiting sponsorship. Or, contact us and we’ll send you more information about all the school sponsorship opportunities at the Good Shepherd Sisters.

If you would like to sponsor a child today, donate here, or email Bill directly at bill@seafund.org.