A Visit to the Palel Myintta Orphanage
April 12, 2016

Last week we once again visited Palel Myintta. You may remember this as the small child-care facility for about 20 HIV positive kids either orphaned by the disease or abandoned by their caretakers. This is where I first met May Mi, a four-year-old girl whose grandmother had been seeking a lethal injection so she wouldn’t have to care for an HIV-infected child.

I’m happy to report that the staff at Palel Myintta got ahold of May Mi before grandma could locate someone to administer the injection. Meanwhile, May Mi is thriving – so much so that I enjoyed the story about how May Mi had taken a newly arriving girl under her wing and offered reassurance and guidance during her first few days at the orphanage. I think that is pretty impressive for a four-year-old.

When we last visited Palel Myintta they were under a great deal of stress due to a severe water shortage. There was barely enough water for the kids to quickly shower once a day. Not nearly enough in that climate. Thanks to our generous donors we were able to fund a new well. It is now operational and making a huge difference. With the increased water supply they report that not only can they take care of all the normal needs of the residence and school, but that they will now be able to enroll more kids in their care program. What a nice payoff for our $2,500 investment.

Yes, Palel Myintta now has an adequate water supply. But let’s not forget them. They still need quite a bit of help funding their daily operating budget, including teachers’ salaries. Easy to donate right here.