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Last Friday we visited Palel Myintta, a live-in facility in Yangon, Myanmar where 20 orphaned or abandoned children living with HIV are cared for in a safe, loving environment.  Her is my colleague, Peter Scontrino, talking with the Director, Annie.                 That’s where I met four-year-old May Mi Than.  Look at that smile. May Mi is HIV positive. Both of her parents recently died from the disease so she went to live with her grandmother. Grandmother was not interested in caring for an HIV positive child so she was seeking to get a lethal...[ Read More ]
In Mid-May 2015 I headed north in Thailand to join my friend, Treasure Shine, in Mae Sot for a brief stop before we traveled across the border into Myanmar.  There in Mae Sot we visited SAW (Social Action for Women) to see the safe house, orphanage, and crisis center they operate.   They are doing great work that seems to be adequately funded, at least for the time being. Moving on into Myanmar, our first stop was the town of Hpa-An, the capital of the Karin State. There we first visited a Karin Village called Lakhana so we could meet with a...[ Read More ]
After bidding farewell to the TWCCTW group I headed back to BKK for a day and then on up north to Chiang Rai.  So ... as Paul Harvey used to say (I know some of you are old enough to know who Paul Harvey was)... Here is the "rest of the story" ... My first stop was to visit Jit at Baan Saan Rak. You may recall that this is the place that was damaged so badly in the 6.0 earthquake last May.  In conjunction with my friend Carol Acosta and her local Rotary Club we were able to fund a complete teardown and rebuilding...[ Read More ]
I've just recently returned from our January 2015 Together We Can Change The World (TWCCTW) trip to Thailand and Laos -- a time that was busy, interesting, and productive.  Here are some of the highlights. We began in Bangkok where my partner Scott Friedman and I were the featured speakers at the Bankapi Rotary club luncheon meeting.  Judging from the questions we got afterwards I’d say that our talk about the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility programs was well received. The following day TWCCTW partnered with Bangkapi Rotary in an evening fundraiser at the new Marriott Hotel at Thong Lo.  Scott emceed while four of our...[ Read More ]
It has been a while since so many of you made your generous donations to our Wildflower Campaign so it's time that I provided you with an update. I’m happy to report that the Good Shepherd Sisters have appointed a new leader for their Wildflower Home -- Sr. Anurak, a Sister with whom I’ve worked closely for more than four years now.  I know Anurak to be a true leader; one that gets things done. Here's a picture of Sr. Anurak receiving her certificate of completion after a recent workshop on leadership, management, and supervision my colleague, Peter Scontrino, and I conducted for...[ Read More ]