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Today was a busy day in Lashio.  In the afternoon we visited the Nayar Thiri Nun School.  There, in the interest of safety, 40 girls from the local villages become nuns and attend nearby government schools.  Two long-time nuns run the school and see to it that the girls are well cared for and get an education preparing them for a far better life than available to them if they were to just remain in their villages. Earlier that morning we visited the Citta Sukha Monastic Education Center.  I was truly impressed with this place, and with the head monk,...[ Read More ]
Today was a delightful day in the Mon village Kwan Hlar.  I was invited there because their youth group (a few of whom I had met while working in the Nath Maw Village last year and on a previous visit to Kwan Hlar) requested that I return to provide them with a “training session”. My invaluable Myanmar partner, Treasure Shine, and I arrived with no real plan for the day because no one could tell us what the group wanted the training to be about.  (Not my usual style, but okay, let’s see what happens.)  Turned out the group didn’t...[ Read More ]
Yesterday we visited the Lahu village of Poon Mon, located about 14 miles north of Lashio, Myanmar – up close to the China border. These people were relocated here in 1995 to escape the ravages of the civil war fighting.  Since then they have grown from 12 households to 40.  Now, with a newly elected, young, energetic village leader they are moving ahead to improve their life situation.  I really like this guy.  He has vision – and the respect of his villagers. They have a preschool for their 20 youngsters ages 3 to 5.  Plus, they share a nearby...[ Read More ]
Today we visited Pain Sar, a Lahu village located 26 miles north of Lashio, Myanmar.  Highly agricultural, this village of 52 households and 320 people is struggling mightily to improve their life situation. With help from a European organization they now have a very nice pre-school for their 30 children aged 3 to 5.  They also have a post-primary school for their 50 children in grades 1 to 8.  Beyond that, they are very proud that ten of their children now travel to a nearby town to attend high school.  And, more than 10 of their young people have completed...[ Read More ]
Today we visited Khone Suu Village, in the dry zone south of Magwe, Myanmar.  Getting there was quite an adventure. I’ve driven on some pretty bad roads in my time exploring our U. S. Southwest desert country, but, never like this.  Dirt road all the way, of course.  Miles and miles of roadway covered with dust with a texture as fine as talcum powder and about six inches deep in many places.  Our Toyota Land Cruiser got through okay, but the dust was incredible.  And, irony of ironies, this very same location suffered record-breaking floods last August and September.  Now...[ Read More ]