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  We are seeking for several sponsors for 25 school girls available at the Good Shepherd Sisters in Nongkhai. Here's some information about the program, in the words of the  Sponsorship Programme itself Programme Participants We wish to share with you the following statistics which show the numbers assisted by our programme over the past three years. Sponsorship funds are provided from organizations and individuals in 14 countries. We are proud to announce that 25 of our sponsorship students graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree this year. We would like to thank all of our supporters, benefactors and friends who gave...[ Read More ]
Last week we once again visited Palel Myintta.  You may remember this as the small child-care facility for about 20 HIV positive kids either orphaned by the disease or abandoned by their caretakers.  This is where I first met May Mi, a four-year-old girl whose grandmother had been seeking a lethal injection so she wouldn’t have to care for an HIV-infected child. I’m happy to report that the staff at Palel Myintta got ahold of May Mi before grandma could locate someone to administer the injection.  Meanwhile, May Mi is thriving – so much so that I enjoyed the story...[ Read More ]
I’m delighted to share with you the story of one of the finest Monks I’ve ever met.  This man is named Ashin War Thithta.  He is the Head Monk, called the Sayardaw, for the Kabahlone Monastery in Hpa-an, Myanmar.  That is my good Myanmar friend, Treasure, in the background. I first visited Kabahlone three years ago.  At that time, one of the other monks was running the boarding school serving 165 kids from impoverished local villages where education is simply not available.  That monk needed a lot of help, including putting a roof on the building.   Thanks to our generous...[ Read More ]
Along with my colleague, Peter Scontrino, I’ve just finished four full days coaching the future leaders of Myanmar on leadership and management skills. How, you ask, did that come about?  Well – it all happened because our wonderful colleague in Myanmar, Treasure Shine, working with a local head-monk, along with the Hpa-an Education Foundation, pulled together this highly select group of young people.  They came from six different organizations throughout Myanmar.  And, even more noteworthy, three different ethnic groups were represented:  Karin, Mon, and Chan.  That was significant.  Here is a photo with Treasure and the Head Monk. So, here...[ Read More ]