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Recently Carol, George, and I visited the village of Mae Ab where a dedicated group of volunteers is working to provide the community with an Adult Education Center. (Carol and George are my Rotary colleagues here in Northern Thailand.) So far the villagers have raised 250,000 Thai Baht (about $7,100). They have purchased a plot of land, prepared the site, and begun construction. They need an equal amount of money to complete construction and equip the building with the furniture, equipment, and teaching materials to begin classes next spring. One particularly attractive element here in this community of 3,000 people (consisting...[ Read More ]
Recently we visited the Lan Pya Kyel Monastery School located about 45 minutes outside Hpa-an, Myanmar, the capitol of the Karin State. In English Lan Pya Kyel translates to “Guiding Star”, a name we think is highly appropriate. A high school education is such a premium in Myanmar, and especially in the Karin State, that children will travel long distances to access the opportunity to continue their studies beyond secondary school. The Monks here (Led by the Head Monk, Uvimala) provide exactly that opportunity for 149 kids in Grades 10 and 11. (Grade 11 is the final grade in the Myanmar...[ Read More ]
In late October 2016, along with my two northern Thailand Rotary colleagues, Carol and George, I visited the Sisters of Providence for the first time.  Located in the northern town of Chiang Saen, these Sisters have done some remarkable work during their five short years in the country.  Led by the energetic Sr. Janda Garcia da Costa (from Brazil) and joined by three other Sisters from Myanmar and Thailand they concentrate their efforts on caring for and providing educational opportunities for at-risk, marginalized hill tribe girls (mostly Akha) from remote villages in this northern region of Thailand. Up until now...[ Read More ]
And the entrance sign  I had an extensive visit with Life & Hope Association yesterday. L&HA has two main programs. PAGE: Program for Advancing Girls Education and Sewing. PAGE: Under this program the Monks, headed by the Venerable Lorm Loeurm, support a high school education for 28 carefully selected, marginalized girls from remote villages. Their plan to expand to 35 girls next year and to reach a total of 50 by 2019. The girls are provided with safe housing, nourishing food, all education costs for government schools, and life-skills coaching.   [caption id="attachment_1080" align="alignnone" width="471"] The Venerable Lorm Loeurm[/caption] Sewing:...[ Read More ]
CEDF - OpCam is a Cambodian charity registered with the Ministry of the Interior in agreement with the Social Affairs Department.  Opportunity Cambodia, an Australian NGO, partners with CEDF - OpCam and provides its funding and overall guidance. Nine years ago Opportunity Cambodia opened an Education Centre in rural Anlong Samnar Commune.  Today, general manager Youchheng Uch (Chheng), and founder, Carolyn Fletcher, continue to run the CEDF-OpCam program educating over 50 children from the 16 surrounding villages (comprising 2,800 families), 42 of whom attend local primary and secondary schools (26 girls and 16 boys), and a further 12 are now...[ Read More ]