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I recently returned from another interesting and highly productive trip to SE Asia. This trip was a little different because I was traveling with Scott Friedman, Jana Stanfield, and a very talented "Together We Can Change The World" (TWCCTW) group of 10 people, including Rhonda Faught, Maria Kassova, Lynn Leahy,Jonathan Low, Rebecca Morgan, Robert Stack, and Carol Talbot.  This is a great group of professionals in clear alignment with our SE Asia Children’s Foundation goals and our approach to educating children. We began this trip in Singapore by attending the Asia Speakers Association annual meeting followed by the Asia HR Summit...[ Read More ]
Today, I had a nice visit to reconnect with Jit, a delightful Thai lady that runs a small, 21 child orphanage on her family property in a fairly remote outside Chiang Rai. Most of the information about Jit and her Baan Saan Rak (home with love) project is already on my website, but here's an updated picture of Jit, with the current pictorial roster of her kids. And here's a shot of the beautiful, hand made, batik note cards we'll begin selling in the U. S. to help fund her operations I just couldn't resist a couple of pictures of...[ Read More ]
Believe it or not I ended up with an entire day almost free yesterday. No meetings until 5pm. So, I did one of the things I've always wanted to do here. I went to a Cooking School. Way cool experience. First we went shopping to learn about ingredients and to purchase what we needed. They took us to a big busy market which, was both educational and a bit overwhelming. Here we learned about many unfamiliar ingredients Including some absolutely beautiful produce And … of course … many chilies Back to the school where we learned how to make curry...[ Read More ]
Wednesday (February 27, 2013) was a very full day … even a bit fuller than I'd anticipated. The morning dawned beautifully. Sunny skies; moderately cool. Perfect for a 45km motorbike ride to the Good Shepherd Sisters. The first half of the ride was wonderful. (It's really pretty cool being back on two wheels again.) Then, at about the 20km mark there a rear tire blowout at about 50km/hr. No real problem. Stopped safely. Then, of course … what to do? I don't think my AAA card is going to solve this problem. Pushed the bike about a 1/4 mile back...[ Read More ]
Just finished up three long days (February 22-25, 2013) of meetings with the Fountain of Life Centers.  They did great work on Vision and Mission … on to Strategic Goals … then identified six key measures of success … followed by quite a bit of Project work and Action planning. In spite of two languages, and their being quite unfamiliar with the material and processes, we got a lot of good work done. Here's a few photos from the three days: We did a lot of our work in small groups sharing ideas A lot of good ideas were generated...[ Read More ]