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I’ve just returned from nearly five weeks in Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia. In this report I'll give you a quick look at some (but not all) of the projects I visited, all of which are benefitting from improvements made possible by YOUR GENEROUS  DONATIONS to our Foundation. MYANMAR At the Koenawin Monastery I got to see first hand the progress being made on the construction of a new dormitory that will provide housing for more than 150 girls, thus enabling them to live safely and get a high school education. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed (or nearly so) building when I return in the third...[ Read More ]
Recently, our Myanmar Country Director, Treasure Shine, and I visited the Marga Society in Hpa-an, the capitol city of the Kayin (Karen) State. In the Burmese language Marga means “blessing” or “heaven”. After my visit I left convinced that this place was well named. Marga is an inspiring story of local community leaders banding together to address common needs that are not being met by government agencies or other groups. In the six years of their existence, they have established thriving programs to help local folks with blood donations, ambulance services, funeral services, disaster response and relief programs, and –...[ Read More ]
The highlight of my recent visit to the Koenawin Monastery was being there to celebrate the beginning of construction for their new dormitory for girls. You may recall from a previous report a few months back that we were seeking a donor to fund this building so the Monks at Koenawin could provide safe housing for at least 100 of the girls attending their school. This was particularly important because the surrounding area was not a safe place for the girls to be. Too many marauding soldiers in the ethnic armies looking for “wives”. Well, I can happily report that...[ Read More ]
Shortly after we arrived at the Koenawin Monastery for our visit a couple of days ago, the Monk suddenly said: “The kids are coming. Let’s go for their lunch”. So, off we went to the lunch area. Turns out that 418 kids live here and all return from the local government schools for lunch. Plus, a bunch of local kids also turn up for a good, free vegetarian meal. They average over 500 for the meals – three a day. That’s a lot of food! Here’s a couple of views of the huge food storage area. Can you tell that...[ Read More ]
On a recent trip to Myanmar I visited an interesting school called Myo Set Thit. In Burmese that means “New Generation”. At this school, led by the impressive and inspirational, Kyaw Naing, 35 students from remote villages come here to Hpa-An, the capitol city of the Karin State, to study in a Grade 11 “college prep” program. Here’s Treasure talking with Kyaw Niang.       Grade 11 is the final grade for high school in Myanmar. There were plans to add a grade 12, but now the new government has postponed that.              ...[ Read More ]