Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC)

JWOC is an organization in Siem Reap. Led by our friend, Kneath Heard, JWOC provides educational opportunities for Cambodian kids in need of some help so they will have a chance for a self-sufficient life. We think they do a commendable job with the limited resources they have available.

In addition to leading JWOC, Kneath has also taken on a leadership role in the Cambodian Leadership Learning Community (CLLC) where leaders from about 25 Cambodian NGOs* come together in Siem Reap to share information and improve their leadership skills – all in the interests of better serving those in need.

In 2018 our SEAF funded a very successful English teaching program with JWOC, and later we led a half-day workshop with one of their teams focusing on fund raising from their local community.

We’re very pleased to continue working with JWOC and welcome your support if you are so inclined. Simply click here and we’ll see that your donation gets to the right hands at JWOC.

* Non-Governmental Organizations