Some Thoughts About Myanmar
March 28, 2021
I love working in Myanmar. Without a doubt the most difficult place for me to work, but also the most satisfying. Why? Let’s see if I can briefly summarize this.
The need for help in Myanmar is immense. Just think about it for a moment. Here is a country — finally emerging from sixty years of rule by a heavy handed, oppressive military dictatorship — just beginning to experience some semblance of freedom.
I was there in 2016 during the election that led to an emergence of partial democracy. After several generations with no experience living in an open society -– and with freedom of thought -– these oppressed people began to find their way forward.

Over the course of a dozen or more trips to Myanmar, being a part of that awakening was energizing. Working with so many dedicated, committed people. Coaching for leadership. Encouraging critical thinking. Helping them strengthen their education systems. Seeing civil society emerge. Developing sustainability. Funding social enterprises. Meeting their most urgent needs. We were making good progress.

Exciting progress, in fact. Until . . .

On February 1st, the day before the newly elected 2021 parliament was scheduled to convene, the military declared the November election fraudulent and forcefully rolled in with a coup. Ugh!
Today the situation is ugly. There is no better word I can use. Simply ugly. Throughout the country people have risen up in defense of their duly elected government. Huge protests. Tens of thousands of people. Protesting. Refusing to work. This, of course, brings violent pushback from the military. The reported death toll already exceeds 300 and is growing by the day. Who knows how many are wounded? I would guess thousands. Many thousands more are jailed. Still the protests continue gaining strength and commitment. For the most part the economy is at a standstill. Basically shut down. These brave people are defending their right to a duly elected government. Fighting to regain a semblance of freedom.

Meanwhile, a powerless feeling sets in for me. What can we do to help? The country is closed. Cannot travel there. The banks are closed. Cannot use the normal channels to send money to help with basic needs for food and essential supplies for the few schools that still operate.

Fortunately, we’ve now found a safe and reliable way to get some relief money there so our trusted Country Director (Treasure) can deliver some much needed assistance to the kids we are supporting in several monastery boarding schools.

You can make a difference

Please join us in caring about these good people, fighting to keep their freely elected government — and now, fighting for their lives –- literately and figuratively. So many jobs lost. So many people in harm’s way. So many kids are hungry. Please join us in finding ways to support them.

At the very least let’s help them with some food.

Life is Good — at least for some of us it is.

Others need a bit of help . . . and together . . .

we can provide exactly that.