Voices From the Field
November 7, 2020
Normally we use our newsletters to tell you stories about the good work you are funding and how that changes the lives of those we serve. This newsletter is a bit different.

Today we bring you some voices from the field.

These voices are from a group called PEPY – Empowering Youth, one of the many fine organizations we support in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

A look at this brief video will show you the outstanding work PEPY is doing — work that your funding makes possible.

Play Video

You, too, can make a difference like this.

So far during COVID we’ve funded home gardens like this for nearly 300 families.

On average, $68 will provide another family with a garden
just like the one you’ve seen in this video.

Quite the bargain we think – all in the spirit of helping people help themselves.

Life is Good — at least for some of us it is.

Others need a bit of help . . . and together . . . we can provide exactly that.