A New School for Lakhana Village
December 3, 2015
When I visited Lakhana Village last summer I met with the village Women’s Group. They were absolutely determined to have a “post-primary” (junior high) school so their children could continue their education beyond grade 5. So determined, in fact, that they had already purchased small piles of bricks, gravel, sand, and re-bar with the limited funds they had raised up to that point.

In the spirit of helping people who help themselves, we offered them dollar-for-dollar (in this case Kyat) matching for all the new funding they could raise. To our amazement, they raised $1,200 in just two weeks. Naturally, we matched that. Later, when I shared this story in an email, a generous donor stepped up and said “they’ve shown their commitment; they’ve earned their school. Let’s build it now” — and donated another $6,000.

Last Tuesday I returned to Lakhana to check on progress and to meet again with the head of the Women’s Group. Most of the other ladies were busy that day. It’s planting season in the rice fields.

Although construction has been delayed because of a very heavy rainy season (Myanmar experienced serious flooding in August and September) they are making good progress. Here’s a look at the new foundation with the vertical posts just beginning to go up.

And another picture with the leader of the Women’s Group inspecting the progress. Needless to say, this is a happy lady.

This 70 foot by 24 foot building will have three classrooms — one each for grades 6, 7, and 8. Now that all the necessary permits have been obtained and construction is under way they are in the process of arranging for the government to provide teachers. If that is delayed (as it sometimes is) they have a couple of high school graduates in the village that can fill in for a while.

I think we’ve now got the building construction pretty well funded; however, they will still need some additional funding for furniture, along with books and supplies. I’m confident we can help them with that as construction proceeds. We’re looking at completion before the end of the year.

Another $2,000 and we could outfit this building in style. Let’s do it.