May Mi — A Tragic Story with a Happy Ending
December 3, 2015
Last Friday we visited Palel Myintta, a live-in facility in Yangon, Myanmar where 20 orphaned or abandoned children living with HIV are cared for in a safe, loving environment. Her is my colleague, Peter Scontrino, talking with the Director, Annie.

That’s where I met four-year-old May Mi Than. Look at that smile.

May Mi is HIV positive. Both of her parents recently died from the disease so she went to live with her grandmother. Grandmother was not interested in caring for an HIV positive child so she was seeking to get a lethal injection for May Mi.

(… shudder …)

A lethal injection!! She wanted to kill her own granddaughter!!

When the folks at Palel Myintta heard about this they quickly came to rescue May Mi. She has been there with them now for about a month. She is thriving – and fitting right in with a delightful group of kids.

Palel Myintta needs our help to continue caring for these children. One immediate need is their water supply. Currently, it is so limited that, at best, the kids can bathe only once a day. (In this climate, two or three times daily is normal.)

So, they need a new well. A mere $2,500 will provide that for them. Here is Annie, below, showing us exactly where that well will be – just as soon as we (all of us together) fund it.

Needless to say, they could use some additional support to pay the staff and provide what is needed for daily living including food, medicines, clothing, and related supplies. Another $5,000 would make a huge difference for them. (I’ve already made arrangements for getting a 70# suitcase of clothes to them on my next trip in January)

Let’s see what we can do to support this outstanding group of people giving these kids a better shot at life. Who can step forward to help on this one?