A Visit with Jit at Baan Saan Rak
March 21, 2013

Today, I had a nice visit to reconnect with Jit, a delightful Thai lady that runs a small, 21 child orphanage on her family property in a fairly remote outside Chiang Rai. Most of the information about Jit and her Baan Saan Rak (home with love) project is already on my website, but here’s an updated picture of Jit, with the current pictorial roster of her kids.

And here’s a shot of the beautiful, hand made, batik note cards we’ll begin selling in the U. S. to help fund her operations.
I just couldn’t resist a couple of pictures of Jit fixing me lunch … and me enjoying it.
Almost finished eating … and Jit preparing two kinds of fruit I’d never seen before. Amazing what grows on trees in this part of the world.

Today was another good day. There is more we can do to help Jit, including helping with the school fees for three kids that will soon be entering high school. And, small world that it is, turns out that Jit and I know a couple of the same people and foundations … and that I may be able to further help her by connecting with one of her former Rotary associated sponsors in Florida.

I’ll follow up on all that.