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Coaching for Sustainability

During my 45+ years of management consulting experience I have time and time again  seen that successful organizations did not happen by accident.  They were the result of focused, purposeful leadership that was able to get the entire organization directed towards achieving common goals.  Moreover, those leaders were crystal clear about what success looked like, knew how to describe it so others could see it as well, and knew how to measure and report what was important.

I see no reason why those same attributes cannot apply to social service organizations, regardless of their location on the planet.  Therefore, I focus my work on helping the organizations we support to achieve sustainability.

  • Sometimes that means helping them with strategic planning sessions so they can achieve clarity about their vision, mission, and strategic goals
  • Sometimes that means coaching them to define what success means to them and helping them find ways to measure that success
  • Sometimes that means simply serving as their ongoing management coach
  • Sometimes that means leading action planning meetings so we can take the annual plans clear through to the “who does what, by when” stage
  • Sometimes that means helping them start small businesses so they can earn at least a portion of their annual needs
  • Sometimes that means coaching them for improvement in public relations, fund-raising, and the care and feeding of donors